Firefighters urge firework safety

Published 07/02 2012 06:27PM

Updated 07/03 2012 08:57AM

SPRINGFIELD -- Dry weather is putting emergency crews on high alert. They worry it'll cause big problems on the 4th of July. It's no secret fireworks can be incredibly dangerous. Just check out some videos on YouTube.

"We're hoping to get through the 4th without anything big," said Chief Ken Fustin of the Springfield Fire Department.

Chief Fustin and his crew are used to the celebration, but say they plan to to take extra precautions this year.

"It's extremely dry. The humidity is very low. The temperature is extremely high and the wind condition is moderately high, so it's one of those perfect storms that, if you get a brush fire going, it can go into an occupied area," he said.

That's something he doesn't want to see happen. So, now he's asking people to be extremely careful. Not just with the big fireworks, but the little ones too,

"The smoke bombs create heat. Even the sparklers kids can buy have an 1800 degree temperature on them. Some of them do. So, we just want people to use extreme caution," he said.

"One little spark can burn down your house," said Diana Albrecht. She says she won't be buying any for her grand-kids. She knows just how dangerous they can be, thanks to her dad.

"My dad's a retired firefighter and it's very important not to have little ones do fireworks because of the dry weather and dry grass," she said.

Fustin says it's probably best to leave it to the professionals. But, if you are going to buy them, he offers a few helpful tips.

"We just encourage people to be safe, have a water source, and use common sense," he said.

Local communities can place a ban on smaller fireworks if needed. Chief Fustin says that would only happen here if the weather gets worse.

Towns without fireworks displays this year include Villa Grove, Monticello and Paris.

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