Firefly on the Fringes of Fame

Published 06/01 2012 12:10PM

Updated 06/01 2012 06:21PM

EFFINGHAM -- They serve everything from seafood to steaks. But, out on the road, we found out, the Firefly Grill is a lot more than a place to eat. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield tells us how a dream became a journey for the couple who owns it. 
    On the road we found out opposites not only attract, they work. Kristie and Niall Campbell are living proof.
    "I can't cook at all, so I stay out of the kitchen and he kind've let's me run the show from my angle."
    In fact, Kristie Campbell was a trader slinging stocks in Boston. Then September 11th happened, and turned her world upside down.
    "I took a leave of absence and went to a small island off the coast of Puerto Rico."
    There she met Niall Campbell who's been cooking his whole life.
    "I love the restaurant business in general. I love cooking. I love creating."
    "My husband is my best friend, business partner and the love of my life, so it was meant to be I think."
    And, just by looking at their restaurant, anyone would agree.
    "I think what's kind of cool is there's such unique dishes every time you come that you always want to try."
    Producers from California are even here shooting a reality show. But, while they make it look easy in front of the cameras, marriage, owning a business and being new parents is a balancing act.
    "We have a mission statement for our restaurant. We have a mission statement for our home. We set up expectations, make sure those expectations are met, and it runs incredibly smoothly."
    The other thing that you can expect to get here, fresh food grown locally.
    "It supports community, and also, in the off season, I don't believe that a burger should come with a tomato if tomatoes aren't in season. It doesn't make any sense to me."
    But, there's one homemade ingredient that's always in season at Firefly, and that's love.
    "We believe food is so important. It's the building block of who you are."
    The producers of the reality show were pretty tight-lipped about what it's going to be about. But, they're supposed to be back in a couple of weeks to make an announcement.

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