Five more arrests in drug conspiracy case

Published 05/30 2013 11:26AM

Updated 05/30 2013 11:29AM

CLINTON -- Seven months after a couple was arrested on class X felony drug charges and conspiracy, five others have been arrested in connection with the operation. Dodie Junkert, 50, faces three felonies; Kristin Riddle, 31, faces a class 2 felony; Daniel Walston, 51, faces a class 4 felony and class A misdemeanor; Rebecca Morris, 47, and Andrea Heiberg, 40, face class A misdemeanors.

In October, John Smith, 54, and his wife, Mary, 52, were arrested on three class X felonies including drug conspiracy, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and money laundering. The charges were enhanced since the crimes took place less than 1,000 feet from a school.

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