Five people arrested for meth lab in home

Published 08/23 2012 09:20PM

Updated 08/24 2012 09:26AM

DANVILLE -- Five people were arrested after one of the biggest drug busts in Vermilion County. It happened Tuesday in the 600-block of Stewart Street.  Authorities say more arrests are possible.

"He seemed like a normal guy that you'd talk to everyday or something. Like a neighbor," said Alex Ford of his neighbor. 

Little did he know, that man was making illegal drugs.

"That was news to me. I ain't never smelled nothing come from the house or anything like that," said Ford.

Police says they found 900 grams of methamphetamine inside the house. That is worth about $9,000. They also found 250 gas generators to cook it with and 300 pounds of hazardous trash.

"The cops came by and knocked on our door and apparently the house right here as you see is a meth lab that they busted," said Ford.

Marilyn Ruffner lives down the street. She says she noticed suspicious activity in that house for years but realizing what was actually happening made her angry.

"Especially with the house next door have those five kids in there. He had no consideration or respect for nobody around her but himself," said Ruffner.

"I was actually pretty upset about it because they say that the house could've easily blown up and that would've took this house and all the kids with it," said Ford.

Now Ruffner is ready for the problem to be gone for good. 

"Please get rid of it because its in such bad shape and it needs to be torn down or something done with it," she said about the home.

Multiple law enforcement agencies are involved in the investigation. More arrests could be made.

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