Flooding destroys homes, memories & lives

Published 04/23 2013 05:45PM

Updated 04/23 2013 06:25PM

VILLA GROVE -- More than 20" of rain seeped into the basement of Darren Wright and Karen Scott. Now neighbors are trying to dry out from last week's storm, but they're still left with lots of clean-up. WCIA-3's Erica Quednau has more.

City officials are trying to help. A dumpster was put on Main Street at noon, and it's already filled. Some may think it's just garbage, but for many, it's their lives.

One by one, pieces of Darren Wright's and Karen Scott's lives are thrown into the trash. The rest is in their backyard.

"A lot of clean up. We've had to remove all the possessions from the basement."

"Myself and the two kids, basically, our whole lives were in the basement."

That's because it was more than just a basement. It was set up as two bedrooms, a living area and some space for storage.

"Everything was floating. Everything was knocked over. I have no beds for my kids. They've lost their shoes except for what they had on their feet, their laptops, their clothes, the furniture. Everything's gone."

"I was not expecting it to get this bad in this part of town."

No one was, but now they're left to deal with red tape.

"Both insurance companies are basically telling us our contents are not covered."

And that means throwing a lot of memories away.

"It's tough. It's tough to look at all of this and say, 'you know, we have to replace what we can and go on.' I don't know how we're going to do that."

"We'll be dealing with it for quite awhile even after everything's clean and out of the backyard."

Governor Quinn is extending the tax filing deadline for people or businesses impacted by flooding. They'll now have until October 31 to file.

44 counties have been declared disaster areas. FEMA will begin assessing damage in those counties starting next week.

The Douglas County Emergency Management Agency is trying to help families like Darren and Karen's but they need to survey the damage first.

To report damage from last week's flooding, call EMA director Joe Victor (217) 253 - 9538.

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