Food pantry turns down turkey donation

Published 11/20 2012 10:01PM

Updated 11/21 2012 01:39PM

Update: 10:21 pm, 11/20/12, Tuesday
OAKWOOD -- People got twice the Thanksgiving Tuesday. Last week, Oasis Adult Shop was sent packing after trying to donate to the Oakwood Food Pantry. The church that runs it said the business didn't follow their values but that didn't stop Oasis from helping. 

Employees parked out on the street, right next to the food pantry. They passed out all the essentials for a good Thanksgiving meal from the back of a truck. It included 80 turkeys and bags filled with vegetables. People who stopped by say they didn't care where the food came from, they were just grateful.

Original: 11:01 pm, 11/13/12, Tuesday
OAKWOOD -- A Thanksgiving donation is causing controversy. That's because to this food pantry, not all turkeys are created equal. Especially, if they are donated by an adult bookstore. 
The Oakwood Christian Church runs a food pantry twice every month and next week is all about Thanksgiving. So far, about 40 people signed up for a turkey, but it won't come from Oasis Adult Store. 

It's a store with XXX on the front. The general manager planned to donate 50 turkeys to the cause, but was turned down. 

The church says it's against its morals to work with the company and they have plenty of food to give away. Oasis' general manager says everyone is entitled to their own opinions and the church's won't keep him from helping this Thanksgiving. 

He plans to give away those 50 turkeys and canned goods from his own truck, Tuesday at 9:00 am. 

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