Ford-Iroquois County Merger

Published 06/02 2010 10:09PM

Updated 06/02 2010 10:34PM

Merging 2 counties to save cash.  Uniting Ford and Iroquois counties is being tossed around.

Some say it's a bad idea.

"It would be a job that i don't think they're really ready for at this moment,"
 Ford county resident Kevin Schroeder said.

"The logistics of combining county government is a lot more in depth," said Ford county treasurer Nancy Krumwiede.

Merging ford and iroquois counties would mean one courthouse--one county board--and one sheriff's department.

It could cut costs--but ford county treasurer nancy Krumweide says it might become one huge inconvenience.

"We're talking a lot of square miles for these two counties to be put together," Krumwiede said.

Others say it might actually be worth it.

Toby 5:24:52 "with population as scarce as it is in the two kinds i think it kinda makes sense."

"In theory it could work," Schroeder said.

The likelihood of a comibination might be far off.
But if state payments continue to slowly trickle in it might actually become a necessity.

"I'm not saying this won't happen in the future.  I don't think ford and iroquois county will be the first, i'm sure it is a possibility...I don't know," said Krumwiede.

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