Former governor expresses concern over budget

By Lindsey Gordon

Published 05/30 2014 05:47PM

Updated 06/02 2014 01:37PM

Update: 10:05 pm, 5/30/14, Friday
ILLINOIS -- One former governor doesn't like the latest state budget. Jim Edgar says lawmakers are leaving tough decisions for another day. WCIA-3's Lindsey Gordon spoke with him. 

The Republican says the state will have less money coming in, but lawmakers haven't made the necessary cuts. He says it makes a tough situation even worse.

"It's really hard once you start spending the money to then take the money away because of the taxes."

The state of Illinois is falling deeper into the hole.

"We've been in this position for years now and we don't seem to be getting out of it."

Former governor Jim Edgar says the legislature should have extended the income tax hike.

"Probably we wouldn't have the long-term ramifications that we're going to have with this budget for some future legislature and future governor."

Now the state faces an unbalanced budget. Edgar believes an election year steered legislators clear of making unpopular cuts.

"For many people who rely on state government for funding or who do business for state government and expect to be paid, this is not going to be a good budget. This is going to cause a lot of pain and a lot of problems."

Jim Edgar was the last Illinois governor to actually have a balanced budget.
Original: 5:47 pm, 5/30/14, Friday
ILLINOIS -- Former state leaders have been closely watching what's happening in Springfield. Former governor Jim Edgar weighs in on the budget. He says he's concerned the state is spending money it doesn't have.

The Republican says that money should have come from extending higher income tax. It means cuts to state-funded programs. Edgar says it may be several days before we know who will be impacted.

He says lawmakers have been avoiding making unpopular cuts, but education will likely be taking a hit. Edgar also says the governor has been put in a tough position as he heads for re-election and he's glad he's not in his shoes.

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