Giving love a second chance

By Anna Carrera

Published 02/14 2014 04:48PM

Updated 02/14 2014 05:39PM

URBANA -- When you think about Valentine's Day, there's probably a special someone who comes to mind. For one area couple, their future was in front of them long before they even noticed. WCIA-3's Anna Carrera shares their story.

After becoming friends, they ended up marrying other people. But, they say life's twists and turns have brought them here, together and still happily married through their golden years.

Most people probably wouldn't compare love with playing pool. One badly aimed shot can ruin the game. But as Jacquie and Bill Severns have learned, practice makes perfect. And sometimes it takes a couple tries before Cupid's arrow lands in the right spot.

"Social dancing, which we were learning as teenagers," said Jacquie. "Bill happened to be in the class, so that's when I first met him."

They became fast friends, but went their separate ways until two tragic turns brought them back together.

"We'd had similar experiences with losing a spouse," said Jacquie. "We both had been happily married and realized maybe there might be second chance at being happy."

That second chance came from a mutual love, but not of each other.

"Here we were, flatlanders growing up and we both happened to hit on this strange hobby of wanting to downhill ski," said Jacquie. 

It started with skiing and they grew together beyond that.

"We played tennis. We played golf. Neither of us were outstandingly athletic," said Bill.

"We played golf and we played tennis, but we were not tennis players or golfers," said Jacquie. 

The Severns say they're not big shoppers, but they picked up something from each country they visited. Just more reminders of the journey they're on.

"You need to work at it," said Bill.

"There's not something new every day, but just the joy of being alive at our age," said Jacquie. 

For 29 years now, they've followed through.

"It's been an opportunity to share and to be happy," said Jacquie.  

So, even though their game's not over yet, they feel like they've already won. The Severns had a busy day planned for Valentine's and hope to celebrate many more together.

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