"Glitch" keeps people from receiving refunds

Published 02/11 2014 10:55AM

Updated 02/11 2014 10:59AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Millions rely on their tax refunds to pay bills. Some file early to get it as soon as possible. But being proactive isn't paying off. The IRS is telling taxpayers there's a glitch in the system. Dee Milton hasn't gotten her refund as promised and she's not alone. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley finds out how wide spread the problem really is.

It's happened to thousands across the country. They were promised their refunds would be in the bank by the 6th. Now, nearly a week later, they have no idea when they'll get their money.

"I don't really qualify for any of the food stamp programs. Every bit of what I have comes out of my pocket."

Milton is a single mother of two. She's a self-employed hairdresser.

"I don't get a paycheck every two weeks like some people. My income depends on how much business I have. It varies from day-to-day. This time of year, it's very slow."

It's why she was banking on her tax refund. Milton sent her tax forms in early. When she logged onto the IRS Where's My Refund? website, she saw it had been sent.

"Oh, it's there. I'm getting it!"

Milton started paying bills and making plans, but when she checked again, her refund was no longer there.

"To have prearranged some bills that I have to pay, and have to call them and say, 'I'm sorry, but I don't know when I'll be able to pay.'"

IRS transcripts show Milton's refund was issued, credited to her account, then canceled. She's not alone.

"This is a national issue. It's not just me. I am a voice of a group of people of over 400."

They started a Facebook page. All were sent the error code, 1121. All were promised a check on the 6th, but not have gotten a solid answer for why their money disappeared.

"There are people who are losing their homes as we speak."

Milton and hundreds of others have tried calling the IRS. To the few who have gotten through, the answers have been across the board.

Some were told it was a computer glitch or their refund was pulled for additional review. They understand it's a process, but they all just want one thing; an answer.

"It's very sad and it's leaving a lot of people hopeless."

A media rep with the IRS says he's never heard of the 1121 error code, but would look into the issue. He said it could take another month before people get their refunds.

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