Governor prohibits cameras behind bars

Published 08/13 2012 04:09PM

Updated 08/13 2012 05:53PM

Update: 4:13 pm, 8/13/12, Monday
SPRINGFIELD -- Governor Pat Quinn is kicking the media out of Illinois' prisons. He says reporters create a safety risk.

State Treasurer Dan Rutherford is blasting the new policy. He says those tours led to significant safety changes when he took media inside Dwight and Pontiac prisons.

Rutherford worries taxpayers aren't being told the truth. He says they deserve to know what their money is buying.

Quinn says people should trust his administration. His decision comes at a tough time for corrections. Two prison closings are tied up in a legal battle. Others are overcrowded. Employees have gone public with what they say are "unsafe working conditions."

Original: 10:22 pm, 8/12/12, Sunday

SPRINGFIELD -- Governor Quinn has determined news cameras are no longer welcome in Illinois prisons. Previously, members of the media had unlimited access, but now the governor says they're off limits.

He discussed his decision at the state fair and explained why he says there's no reason for anyone to look behind bars. Critics complain the state should be transparent, arguing the media has every right to tour prisons.

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