Governor signs new driving laws

Published 07/20 2012 08:51PM

Updated 07/23 2012 11:13AM

CHICAGO -- Governor Pat Quinn signed four new laws Friday intended to keep people safe on the roads. One new law ban cellphone use within 500' of a crash site. It's effective immediately.

Another new provisions bans judges from giving court supervision to drivers caught speeding at 30-mph over the speed limit. Nicknamed Julie's Law, it's intended to keep frequent offenders from slipping through the system. It's named after a girl in the Chicagoland area who was killed by a driver who'd been placed on supervision seven times.

Quinn also signed a bill prohibiting drivers of commercial vehicles from using hand held cellphones. The final law adds to a current law banning cellphone use in all construction zones. Currently, cellphones were only banned in zones with a change of speed limit. These laws are effective Jan. 1, 2013.

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