Grant could replace 2nd set of police tasers

Published 06/05 2013 05:05PM

Updated 06/06 2013 09:45AM

DANVILLE -- The police department is trying to put brand new tasers in the holsters of its officers. They plan to pay for them with a federal grant.

City leaders have done something like this before. Last year, the department was approved grant money to buy 14 new tasers. Those replaced equipment for one of the department's three patrol shifts.

The city's public safety director, Larry Thomason, says now they're trying to replace tasers for a second shift. It will cost about $16,000 total. But Thomason says it's worth the price to provide a safer community.

If the grant is still around next year, he says they'll try to replace the third and final shift's supply of tasers. They could also replace equipment for detectives and other staff if they get a grant for a fourth year.

Another part of the same grant, $14,000, goes to the Vermilion County Sheriff's Department to pay for deputies' overtime.

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