Group wants to open animal shelter

Published 07/02 2013 04:04PM

Updated 07/02 2013 05:37PM

TILTON -- Animal lovers hope to give strays in Vermilion County a second chance at life. They want to build a rescue shelter.

The plan is still in its early stages. The idea for the rescue and adoption shelter still needs to be approved. They also need to raise money to build it.

The group wants the shelter to be on Hodge Street. They would also help adopt pets or place the animals in different rescues. The idea is to take in strays picked up by animal control and lower the numbers of animals needing to be euthanized.

The group wants to work with the Vermilion County Animal Shelter to save animals. Currently, the shelter works with more than 30-rescues. They say, the more the better.

Again, plans for the rescue shelter still have to be approved by officials from the county and village. The next meeting is in Tilton on July 18.

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