Guns will be allowed at public housing

By Anna Carrera

Published 09/26 2013 06:20PM

Updated 09/27 2013 09:17AM

CHAMPAIGN -- Champaign County's housing authority board voted to let tenants keep firearms on their properties. The change comes with some strict rules. It starts with giving the property manager a head's up. It's like a new lease condition. You'd need to fill out a form to identify what kind of weapon you have.

The board gave this proposal the go-ahead in a meeting Thursday afternoon. Members say their tenants deserve to have the same rights as other private citizens. The housing authority helps low-income, elderly and disabled people have a place to stay.

Tenants would still need a FOID card and all the other qualifications for having firearms. The board also decided if you want to have a gun, it should be kept locked up. Guests can bring firearms on the property as long as they're legal. Any illegal weapons would still be banned.

Forms tenants fill out would be kept private. The resolution goes into effect October 1.

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