Gunsmith rare gem in Our Town

Published 07/30 2013 01:15PM

Updated 07/31 2013 04:52PM

ATWOOD -- Some people enjoy listening to classical overtures or waves from the ocean. But for a man in Our Town, the sounds of a properly working gun are music to his ears. WCIA 3's Anna Carrera introduces us to James Keeler.

Keeler feels right at home on his range. No deer or antelope around there, but he doesn't mind.

"I have a love for guns and firearms and I just like working on them," said Keeler. 

He's been doing that a long time; pretty much since he started high school.

"14-years old, little 22-lever action rifle and I tore it down and refinished it, repainted it and turned a beat-up gun into something that was more fun to shoot," said Keeler. 

For him, fixing guns is kind of like putting together a giant puzzle -- after you take apart the pieces.

"I learn the gun as I'm taking it apart and inspecting it and trying to find the problem for the firearm," said Keeler. 

He's the only gunsmith around the Atwood area, so he keeps pretty busy at his shop.

"Being able to fix those guns so they can possibly take them out and shoot them again, makes for a happy customer and it gives me a lot of satisfaction in what I do," said Keeler. 

Doing what he does gets gun lovers back on target in the field where the skies are not cloudy all day.

"The majority of us are target shooters or hunters and we just like having fun," said Keeler. 

Keeler says he sees a lot of locals coming into the gun shop, but he also gets some out-of-towners from up north and other parts of the state.

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