Harris' mass murder trial resumes, Part 1

Published 05/21 2013 05:47PM

Updated 05/21 2013 05:48PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- Jurors were back in court Tuesday after a break in the Christopher Harris murder trial. Prosecutors showed them a taped interview police conducted with Harris. The defense didn't want the tape shown. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from court.

This is the second interview the jury's seen with Harris. In the first, police told him his shoes matched bloody prints found at the house. This time, there's a lot more evidence.

Police told him "there are some things, like similar shoes, that can be explained away. And there are some things that can't be explained away." Earlier that day, they matched his palm print to the bloody one found in the house.

But Chris says over and over, "that's impossible. I was never there." Police ask for an alternate explanation. Chris tells them, "I have no idea. You guys have the wrong guy. That's not my print. I wouldn't kill my family."

Harris said during the interview he felt like police were pinning the murders on him and that he was trapped either way. This was some of the first bits of emotion we've seen from Harris. He's usually really calm, but was crying after police showed him evidence. That's when he was arrested.

We now know Harris was lying to police during the interview. He admits being in the home, but says he walked in on 14-year old Dillen killing the family instead.

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