Harris' mass murder trial resumes, Part 2

Published 05/21 2013 05:48PM

Updated 05/21 2013 06:24PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- We're getting a better idea of how things played out the night five members of a Beason family were beaten to death. Christopher Harris is on trial for the murders. A DNA analyst took the stand Tuesday to explain whose blood they found at the crime scene. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from court.

The prosecution set the scene early, showing the jury photos of blood covering almost everything in the Gee's home. Now, we're learning who it all belongs to.

Blood from each of the five victims and the sixth, who survived, was found in multiple areas of the home. That means they moved around from room to room before they died.

14-year old Dillen's blood was found in almost every room and outside the house. His was also the blood on the knife from the sidewalk.

The DNA expert also checked fingernail scrapings from each victim. Experts say it's tough to get someone else's DNA under your nails, but it could happen if you scratched or tried to fight someone off.

Rick, the father, had Dillen's DNA under his nails. The rest of the family just had their own. DNA results play to the defense's theory that Dillen killed the family. Chris Harris' DNA wasn't a match anywhere at the crime scene.

Both sides say the trial is lasting longer than expected. The state will likely finish its case against Harris this week. Then it's the defense's turn.

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