Harris murder trial resumes, Part 1

Published 05/13 2013 04:35PM

Updated 05/13 2013 06:19PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- The state is continuing to build its case against Christopher Harris for the mass murder of a Beason family in 2009. Monday prosecutors showed the jury Harris' first interview with detectives. They have him answering some pretty tough questions. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more.

Up until now, we've seen a lot of evidence; crime scene photos, possible murder weapon, prints from inside the home. But prosecutors hadn't linked any of it to Harris. Now, we're seeing how he reacted when police said he raised a few red flags.

They brought him in for questioning nine days after the murders. At first, he was very calm. But, he got defensive when they started to ask about his shoes.

During the interview, police told Harris, "your shoes are an exact match to the prints in the house." Immediately, Harris says, "that's impossible. How the hell did they match those shoes?"

He argues the ones from the crime scene would have to have blood on them, but his were brand new. Harris admits, he's owned a lot of white K-Swiss shoes, and so have dozens of others who live in Beason. So, he tells police they have the wrong guy.

He says, "I'll tell you right now, those are not my footprints. I guarantee it."

After that interview, police did a ground search between where Harris was staying in Armington and the crime scene in Beason. That's where they found a pair of blood-stained K-Swiss shoes, a tire iron, and Rick Gee's internet air card.

During the same interview, police asked Harris about a blister on his right hand. He told them it was from work he did clearing brush over the weekend.

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