Harris murder trial resumes, Part 2

Published 05/13 2013 04:35PM

Updated 05/13 2013 06:22PM

PEORIA COUNTY --  Details of the night a Beason family was murdered are being revealed in court. The jury saw a video of Christopher Harris' first interview with police. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from the trial.

The prosecution started playing the interview for jurors Friday, but parts they weren't supposed to hear weren't edited out. So, now, they're hearing the correct version.

It shows Harris' first reaction when police tell him he's on their radar. They say they've matched his shoes, hand prints and car to the crime scene.

But, right away, he says it's not him. He asks police, "shouldn't they be looking at somebody who looks like they were in a scuffle, with missing hair, scrapes or bruises?" Harris' body was, for the most part, clean.

He says that's because he was at his brother's house that night, not in Beason. Harris say they went out drinking after a day working.

Then, they went to another bar to see one of Harris' ex-girlfriends. But, she was busy, so Harris says he decided to drop off Jason and drive to McLean to see another girl. She wasn't available either, and that's when Harris say she just went home.

He told police his brother can verify all of it since, "he's not a killer and would never hurt his family." But, during opening statements, prosecutors say Jason Harris will take the stand against his brother.

We already know this version of the story isn't true. Harris' defense team says he admits going to Beason and was in the Gee home, but found 14-year old Dillen killing the family and lied about it because he was scared.

During the interview, Harris was calm and cooperated fully with police. He told them he didn't understand why they were pointing the finger at him.

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