Harris testifies about night of murders, Part 2

Published 05/24 2013 05:23PM

Updated 05/24 2013 06:19PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- We're now learning the defendant's side of the story in the Beason mass murder trial. Christopher Harris took the stand Friday for the first time, giving emotional testimony about how he found the Gee family dead in their home. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more of the day's developments.

Prosecutors tore into Harris, flat out asking him, "You killed the Gee's, right?" He said he's made a lot of huge mistakes since the beginning, but he's not the guy.

He says he walked in and found most of the family already dead, then had to fight off who he says is the real killer, 14-year old Dillen. Harris admits to killing Dillen with a tire iron in self-defense, then says he stole the family's laptop which could have caught the whole thing on tape.

But, the state says, if he was telling the truth, it would show Dillen as the murderer and he'd be off the hook. They say the fact he didn't call 911 right away is a huge red flag.

Harris says he was so scared he tried to cover up his tracks because he didn't want anything to do with it. Prosecutors pointed out how he had everyone fooled at the beginning; lying to his family, police and everyone else about what he now says he saw that night.

As the defense moves its case forward, we're learning more about Dillen. His doctor testified he was treating Dillen for ADD and referred him to a psychiatrist for aggressive behavior.

Prosecutors drilled the point this started as a death penalty case over and over, accusing Harris of lying so much to keep himself out of trouble since the stakes were so high. He's no longer eligible for the death penalty since lawmakers abolished it in 2011.

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