Hate Crime Included in Charges

Published 04/10 2012 04:20PM

Updated 04/10 2012 05:38PM

 DECATUR -- A man faces multiple charges including a hate crime for an attack that happened last year. 24-year old Deantae Rice is accused of beating up a 29-year old man, in the 600-block of West King, about 11:45 pm, on September 21, 2011.
    The victim's mother heard him screaming and ran outside. She told police two black males were standing over her son, punching him, and saw one suspect pick up a dirt bike and hit her son with it. They were also yelling racial slurs. The mom also states two other black males were nearby watching the fight.
    At some point, she heard someone yell for a dog to attack, just before she was bitten on her left leg by a pit bull. Her son says he was finally able to get free and ran into the house for a knife. He believes he stabbed the dog since it released its bite on his mother.
    The mother subsequently identified two men as the suspects beating her son that night; one of whom is Rice.

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