Hero Neighbor Saves Woman

Published 01/31 2012 06:15PM

Updated 02/01 2012 09:04AM

    In Athens, a neighbor smelled smoke and jumped into action. The man was driving down this street yesterday when he noticed his neighbor's home in flames. Without thinking twice, he ran inside to help.
    WCIA-3's Megan Brilley has the story.
    ''I thought I was just gonna go in there and probably not come back out.''
    Sheila Yager first spotted this home on fire. She immediately screamed to her husband, Daniel.     ''I'm the one that noticed the fire, I just felt responsible. I just thought I'd have to go in the house and die.''
    Before she could think any more about it, Daniel was kicking in the back door.
    ''I went to that room and I was reaching because I couldn't see anything and I felt a body and grabbed her and said come on! Let's go! Get out! And she goes why? I said because the house is on fire!''
    His neighbor, Tina, had just taken sleeping pills and had no idea what was going on.
    ''At first it didn't register, then I smelled the smoke and you couldn't see an inch in front of your face. Dan grabs my arms and pulls me out of the house. It was a relief.''
    When she thinks back, she can't believe she made it out alive.
    ''My kids, being without a mom. That's what went through my mind. It'd be horrible for them. They're my world. I'm theirs. It's like wow, that could've been the end for me.''
    She calls this man her guardian angel and hero. But Daniel doesn't like that term. To him, he was just being a good friend and neighbor.
    "Pardon my French, but I think it's a bunch of bull. That's what's wrong. People need to help other people. Don't be afraid to help somebody."   
    ''I'd hope someone would do that for us if our house was on fire. We're not heroes.''
    But to this woman, they always will be.
    ''Thank you. You're my hero. You saved my life.''
    Tina lost everything in the fire. The Yagers have offered to let her live with them until she gets back on her feet.

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