High-profile trial ends up quite costly

Published 09/26 2013 05:03PM

Updated 09/26 2013 06:11PM

LOGAN COUNTY -- It was one of the biggest murder cases in Central Illinois history, now it has the price tag to prove it. Christopher and Jason Harris were convicted in the mass murder of the Gee family in Beason in 2009.

The total cost is $935,000 for the investigation as well as the trial. Despite the price, it's actually less than the $1-million officials were expecting.

Logan County's share is $419,000 for both brothers. The county sold bonds to cover it. That way, they didn't have to make cuts or raise taxes. Illinois' taxpayers shouldered the rest to pay for each man's defense as well as other investigative costs.

This summer, Christopher Harris was sentenced to life in prison. He plans to appeal so his total bill could go even higher.

His brother, Jason, is serving 20-years after accepting a plea deal for concealment of a homicide, drug possession and obstructing justice.

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