High-rise buildings mean more manpower in an emergency

Published 06/12 2013 03:58PM

Updated 06/12 2013 06:00PM

CHAMPAIGN -- You've seen the construction on campus. More high-rises are coming to town. That means changes for fire crews called to respond to those buildings.

The fire department will need more manpower and 15 people will now be on scene for a fire. With high-rises, any building over seven stories, crews are required to have 21 people. The extra staff is to carry equipment like hoses, air packs and extra gear.

With high-rises, crews don't have time to run back down to get something. When they answer a fire, they're expected to bring with them everything they may need.

One advantage to new taller buildings is state-of-the-art equipment. Sprinklers and built-in hoses are installed to keep fires small and under control until crews can respond to the scene.

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