High waters nearly sweep man away

Published 06/26 2013 10:52PM

Updated 06/27 2013 11:40AM

CHARLESTON -- A man takes on high waters in his boat and almost drowns.

"I knew we we were going over the dam," says Shane Cassidy.

Cassidy did go over the dam, however, thanks to quick-thinking and a fearless little boy, he's safe. The rescue happened Wednesday afternoon at Charleston Lake. It's just a few miles south of the city.

Waters at Charleston Lake were moving fast but Cassidy took his boat out there to go fishing anyway. When his motor stalled, he caught the high current instead. He, his boat and his dog, Koda, were headed toward the dam.

"I tried to grab the dog but the collar slipped off and I slipped in the water," says Cassidy.

He went under, but managed to grab a branch.

"When you go under water, that was the scariest thing in my life so far," says Cassidy.

However, fear didn't hold back 10-year old Alex Rice. He and his uncle were there to check out the spillway. Alex saw Cassidy hanging on to the tree but then he vanished into the water again.

"I was trying to find him and I found him. Then I told my uncle where he was and I went and watched him while I came back and called the police," says Rice.

"I was thankful to see somebody because I didn't know if anyone was going to know I was going under. I thought that was it, it was over," says Cassidy.

It was almost over for Koda but rescue crews caught the boat with the German Shepherd inside. They pulled her to safety and put her in her owner's arms.

"I'm glad my dog is okay and everything is alright," says Cassidy.

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