Historic and Huge Home Part of 'Our Town'

Published 06/14 2011 04:34PM

Updated 06/14 2011 06:36PM

The three-story Governor Duncan Mansion is part of 'Our Town: Jacksonville.'  The 1830's home was built for Illinois' fifth Governor, Joseph Duncan.  The home has 17 rooms.  It's the only Governor's Mansion that doesn't sit in Springfield.

Governor Duncan lived in the mansion with his petite wife, who was more than a foot and a half shorter than him.  In 1938 he died in his bed from sudden illness.

Director and tour guide, Loretta Widdows, says despite his dieing in the home, she doesn't think it's haunted.

"We never talk about it being haunted," says Widdows, "Children playing in the park say they see people in the windows, but I must say I never have."

Making the Governor Duncan Mansion even more interesting, most of the furniture and art inside was actually used by the Duncans. 

The historic home is open for tours every Wednesday and Saturday from 1:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.   It sits in Duncan Park at the corner of West State Street and Webster Street.


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