Historic vote does not lead to law

Published 05/24 2013 10:02PM

Updated 05/28 2013 01:27PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Lawmakers are still at odds for a concealed-carry law in Illinois. In an historic vote Friday afternoon, the House said "yes" to a bill to allow concealed-carry, but other state leaders were quick to say "no way." WCIA-3's Steve Staeger keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

"We will meet this. We will pass this."

Pass it they did with plenty of votes to spare. 85 in the "yes" column on a bill which only needed 71.

The criticism was quick to pour in. First from the governor on Twitter stating, "I will not support this SB 2193, and I will work with members of the Illinois Senate to stop it in its tracks."

Quinn and Senate leaders aren't fans of part of the bill eliminating all local gun ordinances. Supporters say it's necessary to level the playing field.

"There's 190-different communities in the state of Illinois that have different regulations involving handguns."

The bill would eliminate something called Home Rule, where local governments can tailor laws to fit their communities.

"Home Rule exists because our communities are different because we're a big state with a great deal of regional diversity. There is no reason to take out all of the local laws around our state that are related to other gun-related issues."

"I requested a list of the ordinances that would be invalidated and repealed if this passed. I have four pages worth."

But, this bill has the support of powerful House Speaker Mike Madigan. He says, if nothing is done, and a court-mandated deadline comes and goes, the laws would be chaotic.

"The effect of not taking any action would be to open up the possibility that there could be up to 220 different sets of rules on the question of carrying weapons."

Lawmakers have until June 9 to pass a law. Under this bill, anyone who passes a background check will get a permit to carry. The Senate is working on a version to give law enforcement the final say.

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