Hometown Hero: A veteran who helps others stay fit

Published 02/10 2013 11:01PM

Updated 02/12 2013 04:35PM

CHAMPAIGN -- This week's Hometown Hero is a veteran who does her best to help others say healthy through her job and during her free time. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield introduces her.

Hearing all the things one woman does will make you wonder, "How does she have time for all of that?" However, her military experience gives her the passion to help others and the tools to balance it all.

For Amanda Fonner, being healthy is a lifestyle she passes on to others 24-hours a day. Just by doing her job, she burns 2400-calories a day and she doesn't mind one bit.

"I just get joy out of being in physical shape," says Fonner.

Even in the basement of Carle Hospital, joy shines through her work. While it may not look fun, Fonner finds purpose in sterilizing tools surgeons use in the operating room making sure germs don't cut into a patient's care.

"This job is physically demanding, but is rewarding that I'm helping surgery cases upstairs; possibly saving lives," says Fonner.

That's the whole point of everything Fonner does: trying to save lives. She trained for 5-years in the Navy to be a combat medical technician, just like her dad.

"I actually wanted to go to the Air Force first, but my dad said, 'nope you are joining the Navy or no service.' It gives you the discipline and independence that a lot of young adults need. They train you physically and mentally. It teaches you leadership. It teaches you fellowship," says Fonner.

While her military path may have been predetermined, Fonner's used the tools she's gathered along the way to carve her own.

"I just have a passion for helping others. It gives me joy. I think it's God's calling," says Fonner.

Now she's answering the call by teaching group fitness classes keeping Navy men and women in shape one push up at a time.

"It all ties together. If you're not mentally healthy, you're not physically healthy," says Fonner.

By far, the best way Fonner pushes others to be physically fit, is just by being an example.

"It rubs off on other people and that positive attitude about health and fitness it just touches them. I'm glad that I am doing something positive to help others," says Fonner.

On top of all this, Fonner is a mother of two daughters. She's also getting certified to be a physical trainer for civilians.

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