Hometown Hero: Remembering the roles of veterans

Published 09/14 2012 10:18PM

Updated 09/17 2012 04:53AM

FARMER CITY --  Our Town has made its mark in the pages of history. Three men gathered stories from veterans around the area and put them in a book.

"I'm very proud to have done it. Those stories bring tears to my eyes," says Houser.

Eugene Houser isn't reading just any book. He's reading his book, filled with much more than stories. They are memories, some of the most important in history. He's one of three men who decided they should be shared with everyone.

"I wasn't in the battle, didn't fire a shot, but the other two companions in the book were in the heat of it," says Houser.

It was a spur of the moment idea they put into action. Houser, John Dawson and John Overton spent eight years gathering the stories of more than 600-men. Stories even their families hadn't heard.

"I have had their families come over to me and thank me for telling the story of their dad," says Houser.

It brought these close friends even closer, strengthening a community.

"I'm sorry that the three of us aren't here to take this credit. That one activity, that book brought the whole community together. Everybody knew these people, and know their stories and are very proud of what they did. " says Houser.

Even Houser's story is among the pages. The Army Veteran served in World War II. He could've stayed behind but chose to fight instead.

"He wanted me to stay and help on the farm and I said, 'I cant stay I've got to serve,' and that's one of the better decisions I ever made. I had to do it, to serve and to respect the flag. I can't pass the flag now without saluting it," says Houser.

Now, the community salutes him for telling its story. Something he hope others will do to make sure their roles are remembered.

"All veterans should be writing their stories or they'll be lost and their family won't know what they did," says Houser.

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