Hometown Hero responsible for memorial in Our Town

Published 06/14 2013 03:47PM

Updated 06/14 2013 06:22PM

PAXTON -- He was driving through another town and got an idea to impact Our Town forever. WCIA-3's Amanda Porterfield has more on how this Hometown Hero is making a lasting impression on those who've served.

"It means a whole bunch to me. I'm proud of it, proud to have served."

And it shows. Glenn Kaiser is in his 80's, but is hunched over in the heat, pulling weeds, making sure the memorial he helped build stays beautiful.

"That's what it's all about: freedom."

It represents the freedom every military branch fights for. It's the same thing Kaiser fought for in the Army during the Korean Conflict. He learned a lot.

"You learn to get along with people."

That lesson helped the former VFW Commander bring this memorial to town. He got the idea in 2003, then went door-to-door asking businesses for money.

"Just ask them in a nice way, tell them what we wanted to do."

Just by asking nicely, he got $13,000 in donations. It paid for flags, stones and patriotic etchings which make some drivers on Route 9 slow down.

"We got a saying on the front of it there. 'All gave some and some gave all.' Them words are pretty hard, but true."

Words he hopes will help people passing by remember the sacrifice and inspire the younger generation of military men and women. At Paxton's last VFW meeting, only 13 of 60 members showed up. American Legion attendance is low as well.

"I'd like to see it stronger than what it is. I would like people to take more interest in it."

But, even if they don't, Kaiser says, as long as he can, he'll be in the park to tie a ribbon around an old oak tree and welcome them home.

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