House Bill Puts Tuition Wavers in Jeopardy

Published 03/01 2012 05:22PM

Updated 03/01 2012 05:39PM

    Right now if you have worked at a university for more than seven years, you can send your kid to a state college for half the price but a new bill may change that.
    Representative Louis Arroyo sponsored house bill 5531.  It would get rid of tuition waivers.
    Vashoune Russell works at the Beckman Institute at the University of Illinois.  He's been there for fifteen years. If tuition wavers are taken away, he may have to pay for three college tuitions.  All out of pocket.  All full price.
    As a U of I employee, Russell was looking forward to taking advantage of the tuition benefit and sending his two sons to state universities for less.  "I'm looking two years down the road.  Is this going to be there for my younger son and how it's going to affect me in the long run," says Russell who was also considering going back to college himself.
    "Now you have to start second guessing.  Do we really need three people in college at the same time?" Russell says.
    The House Executive Committee approved the bill.  It now moves to the house floor.  Just like any bill, amends can and most likely will be made as the bill moves through the house.

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