Illinois concealed-carry debate continues

Published 06/17 2013 10:01PM

Updated 06/18 2013 10:57AM

SPRINGFIELD -- The state has gone back to the U.S. Supreme Court, asking for more time on concealed carry. The Attorney General wants another month to decide whether to appeal a lower court order allowing citizens to carry concealed weapons. WCIA-3's Alexandrea Davis keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

Lisa Madigan's office requested a "second and final 30-day extension," Friday. She was already granted an additional 30 days on June 3. But now she needs more time to find other issues that could be tacked onto a possible appeal.

It would also give her a chance to see if governor Quinn will make a move on a concealed-carry bill awaiting his signature. Meantime counties all over the state map are popping up with their own concealed-carry agendas. Tazewell County State's Attorney Stewart Umholtz is the latest to jump on that bandwagon.

"I'm not a lawmaker. I can't make any laws. All I can do is tell people I'm not going to enforce a law that's found to be unconstitutional."

Tazewell County has joined Madison, Pike and McLean counties in that move. Umholtz says after the federal court found the ban on concealed-carry unconstitutional last year, he hasn't been enforcing the ban.

"We have law-abiding citizens that have their background check, have a FOID card that only want to obey the law and they're asking, they're begging, for their state government to come up with some clear and concise rules so that they can't protect themselves, exercise their constitutional rights and comply with the law."

Quinn's current deadline to sign a bill into law is July 9, but Madigan must decide on an appeal by next Monday. That deadline would be pushed back to July 24, if the court agrees to her request.

But if Quinn does sign the concealed-carry bill, a Supreme Court appeal would be unnecessary. It's not clear what the governor will do, having favored strong gun control in the past.

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