Illinois road conditions

Published 07/05 2013 10:18AM

Updated 07/08 2013 06:59PM

SPRINGFIELD -- Maybe you're traveling for the 4th of July this year. Whether it's to see family out of town or you're just going to the fireworks, a new report says you're driving on some of the worst roads in the country.

Illinois has mile after magnificent mile, but a new study shows traveling those miles can be pretty dismal. We rank 34th when it comes to states with the best roads. Drivers like Wesley Riva says it's mostly the upkeep that bothers him.

"You do have some nice roads, and they have done a little work on them, but these roads you can see right here all the cracks and holes."

Only a handful of states have worse pavement than we do.

"I go to Missouri. Now they maintain their roads very nice."

Our roads suffer more because of heavy traffic and extreme weather changes, and all of that makes for a big headache for drivers and a big bill at the repair shop. But the study takes more than just crumbly pavement into consideration.

Illinois is also sixth for the most fatal crashes, ninth in terms of bridges needing repair, and 25th for most congestion. However, we spend twice as much as other states to fix it all. Last year IDOT spent three quarters of a billion dollars more than it did in 2011.

A recent audit found a lot was going to sloppy bookkeeping. There is a silver lining, though. Illinois is on top for its rural interstates. The study found they're all in perfect condition. The state says it's working on getting all the roads in better shape but they put off construction for the holiday weekend. That way you can get around quicker and safer.

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