Impact of Hurricane Sandy

Published 10/29 2012 05:28PM

Updated 10/30 2012 01:50PM

CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- Tensions are high as Hurricane Sandy inches closer to the Cast Coast. It's zeroing in on New Jersey and Delaware as more than a million people are without power.

People here are trying to keep track of loved ones in the hurricane's path. Wind and rain from Hurricane Sandy have been pounding the coast throughout the day Monday.

Steve Stanley used to live in New Jersey. He said it's nerve-wracking to think of his friends and family who are still there. His stepson, Kenny, lives a few miles from the coast.

"I've talked to him a few times last night," said Stanley. "I texted him and talked to him this morning and he said everything's still okay. I told him, make sure you tape up the windows and he's already sandbagged the front door entrance and around the garage so there's no water coming in."

Stanley's been keeping an ear on the storm by listening to his Ham radio. Red Cross volunteers from Central Illinois could help Stanley's family in the next couple of weeks. A pair from here are already on the scene and more could be heading to the coast soon.

"Get them set up in a shelter, make sure they've got somewhere warm to take a shower, know that they're going to have three meals a day," said Red Cross Emergency Services Coordinator Jaime Davis. "Then we'll keep them there until the area is cleared and it's safe for them to go back."

Thousands have already left their homes and the effects of the storm will linger long after the storm clouds disappear.

"Red Cross will stay on the scene for long after the actual impact and try to help these folks rebuild their lives," said Davis.

Dozens of Ameren workers from Central Illinois also headed toward New England. More than 100 more planned to hit the road Monday to help restore power. 

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