Investigating the trail of bomb-maker

By Gary Brode |

Published 07/30 2014 01:08PM

Updated 07/30 2014 01:18PM

SAVOY -- Once a bomb is taken care of, authorities launch an investigation. A member of the University of Illinois Bomb Squad explains steps in finding the bomber.

The bomb squad has dealt with scary situations before. A year ago, there was a string of bomb scares in Champaign. The equipment needed to be used more than anyone would have liked. But, investigators say it's a necessary step in finding evidence or leads to who might be responsible. That's what they're doing in Springfield.

A case in Champaign last year involved looking for fingerprints or DNA samples. Sometimes, that's not possible. In those cases, they have to look at other things like tracking down materials used to make the bomb. Pipe bombs are "low explosive."

UI Police Sergeant Aaron Landers wasn't surprised a pipe bomb was the type found. Landers says they're common because they're easy to make. Even when a bomb is diffused, the squad's job isn't necessarily done. If the suspect is found, Landers says, a lot of times, officers are asked to help in the search warrant.

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