IRS "glitch" goes national

Published 02/13 2014 11:05AM

Updated 02/19 2014 09:01AM

Update: 4:29 pm, 2/18/14, Tuesday
NATIONAL -- After weeks of uncertainty, thousands now have their tax refunds. Recently, we learned hundreds of people received refunds which were then canceled documented by an error code. The IRS released a statement that most taxpayers now have their refunds, but never stated what caused the glitch.
Original: 10:07 pm, 2/12/14, Wednesday
CHAMPAIGN -- Earlier this week, we learned some taxpayers weren't getting their refunds. Wednesday, the story went national and the IRS is finally responding to it all.

Basically, people are being told they'll have to wait, but a lot of people's refunds were issued, then cancelled by the IRS. So, for them, that answer isn't good enough.

Thousands of people across the country filed tax forms early to get ahead. They were told they'd have their refunds by February 6.

One local woman's transcripts showed it was sent, then cancelled, because of an error code #1121. For the past six days, the IRS hasn't addressed the issue. But, Wednesday, it posted a statement on its website.

It's message is basically, representatives won't be able to research the status of taxpayers' refunds unless it's been 21 days or more since they filed. But, it still doesn't explain why refunds were cancelled in the first place.

People who got the error code of #1121 started a Facebook page. It's almost triple what it was when our story first aired.

A lot of the people on Facebook were told by IRS reps that there was a computer glitch and that's why their refunds were cancelled. In the statement, the best they can tell people is to continue tracking their refunds through the IRS website.

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