Joy Rides Becoming a Nuisance

Published 05/29 2012 10:09PM

Updated 05/29 2012 10:31PM

BROADLANDS -- In Illinois, it is ok to use ATVs on your own property.  Riding them on public streets is not allowed but people are doing it anyway.
    Shawn Walker sees it everyday.
    "I've seen them running through people's yards, across the main highway and up and down the roads," said Walker. He has also experienced it first hand.
    "Noticed some tracks where they run down a few rows of corn through my field and a neighbor's field. It's not a lot of damage at the moment but if it continues it will be," said Walker and he wants the ATV rides to stop.
    "My biggest concern is the liability issue.  Someone's going to get hurt," said Walker.
    "It's just harmful to the neighborhood. There's a lot of children walking up and down the streets that we're concerned about especially at the park," said Matthew Buffington.  He is the Mayor of Broadlands. He thinks he knows who is doing it.
    "They all know that, they've all been warned," said Buffington.
       But he needs help catching them in the act.  So the Champaign County Sheriff's Office is increasing patrols.
    "I mean everybody seems to be upset. It's kind of annoying and a nuisance. You hear them running up and down the streets at night. It is uncalled for," said Walker.
    Mayor Buffington says if you notice people riding illegally on ATVs, call the Champaign County Sheriff Office.  You can reach them at 217.384.1204.

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