Judge allows Huth to amend petition

Published 02/14 2013 05:06PM

Updated 02/14 2013 05:31PM

URBANA -- Attorneys for Mayor Don Gerard and his ex-girlfriend were back in court Thursday. Laura Huth filed for an Emergency Stalking No-contact Order last year.

Thursday morning, a judge granted a motion to allow Huth to amend that petition. She can now file under the Stalking No-contact Order Act and the state's Domestic Violence Act.

Huth's lawyer told the judge Gerard threatened to use taxpayer resources to intimidate her and that he left voice-mails for her threatening to have the city attorney prosecute her.

Mayor Gerard denies the accusations. Gerard released this statement:

    I have not had contact with Huth since last summer
    and her first request for an order of protection was
    immediately denied. Many of the things discussed
    in court today pertained to using an elected official's
    likeness to sell a product, which is prohibited by state
    law. I am unclear why this would be relevant, and
    continue to hope... these endless complaints and
    filings will soon cease.

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