Judge issues no-contact order to Mayor Gerard

Published 06/27 2013 08:24PM

Updated 06/28 2013 11:16AM

URBANA -- Mayor Don Gerard was ordered by a judge Thursday to stop contacting his ex-girlfriend, Laura Huth. It's a ruling that brings an end to an eight-month long court battle.

"I took the plea, so it's over," said Champaign Mayor Don Gerard.

"A no-contact order was issued by Judge Clemmons. Mr. Gerard is not to contact me through various communication methods, phone, email, text messages or third parties," said Laura Huth.

And for the first time in almost a year, the ex-couple can finally agree.

"It's a great relief," said Gerard.

"I'm very relieved. The last year has been incredibly difficult for me," said Huth.

The couple broke up in July 2012. Huth says that's when Gerard started to threaten her. In October, she filed for an order of protection.

"For four months, I kind of dreaded when the phone would ring, what I would be getting next and it moved on to clients and friends," said Huth.

Gerard says that never happened. They've been fighting in court for more than eight months but if the case went to trial, it would've been longer.

"I thought three calendar years was ridiculous for the city, for myself, for the University of Illinois, for my mother, for my family. [I] just decided it was time to call it, call it a day," said Gerard.

But the ex-couple's day in court isn't over just yet. The two still have small-claims case pending. Huth says Gerard owes her more than $3,000.

"Don did hire me as a consultant through my business to do work for his campaign," said Huth.

"I didn't meet her until after I was elected," said Gerard.

The two could go to trial for that case sometime this year. The no-contact order is for two years.

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