Jurors off while evidence debated, Part 2

Published 05/20 2013 05:04PM

Updated 05/21 2013 04:18PM

PEORIA COUNTY -- As the third week of testimony in the Beason murder trial gets underway, jurors are getting an unexpected day off. They return Tuesday to hear more on why the state thinks Christopher Harris killed five people in 2009. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels has more from inside the courtroom.

The prosecution is almost two weeks into its case against Harris and, so far, there's no end in sight. They've already presented evidence Harris' hand, shoe and finger prints were all found inside the house. Blood from members of the Gee family was also found inside Harris' car.

The star witness, Christopher's brother, Jason, took the stand and told jurors he was there the night of the murders then helped Chris hid the evidence. The state isn't done yet. The jury is set to hear more taped interviews between Harris and the police. The state will use it to show Harris changed his story from then to now.

Doctors are also expected to testify and explain each victim's defensive injuries. No word how much longer the state intends to take to lay out its evidence.

Once it's done, the defense will have its chance. They say Harris didn't do it, he was just "in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The trial is expected to last a month. Christopher Harris and his ex-wife, Nicole Gee, will also take the stand before it's over.

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