Kids locked in house

Published 11/27 2012 06:05PM

Updated 11/27 2012 06:27PM

DECATUR -- Police say a woman locked her kids in a bedroom and her mom in the basement. 33-year-old Nicole Penn is out of jail after being arrested Friday.

Police say her mother called and said Penn locked everyone up and left. It happened in the 900-block of Linden Avenue. People say they've seen the kids left alone several times and have called DCFS about it before.

DCFS says it's gotten several calls and the family has been investigated. DCFS is also involved in this case as well.

Police got to the home around 10 pm Friday. When they saw the kids in a bedroom, the officer asked the kids to open the door. They said they couldn't because they were locked in.

After letting them out, the officer found their grandmother locked in the basement. Neighbors say Penn left to go the store and didn't want her kids to run around the house.

"I don't think it's fair. I can't have kids and these people who have kids don't take care of them," said Debbie Taylor.

Penn posted bond. She and her family had comment. Penn is due back in court in December.

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