Lake Decatur's cup runneth over...

Published 01/29 2013 04:04PM

Updated 01/29 2013 05:35PM

DECATUR -- Last summer's drought is history at this point as the city now has the opposite problem. The lake is too high, almost a foot higher than normal.

City leaders are releasing water into the Sangamon River and have been doing so since Christmas Eve. But, with the history of drought, too much water sounds like a great problem to have. Keith Alexander, Director of Water Management, says if the city doesn't get enough water this spring, it could be right back where it was last summer.

The drought might be over for now, but it left behind lasting repercussions. Decatur Water Management has been getting complaints of taste and odor problems. Residents say it's coming from drinking water.

DWM says it's from blue-green algae which rotted in the hot, sunny weather during the drought. The water is being treated, but is currently still safe to drink.

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