Lake levels continue to take dip

Published 08/21 2012 05:15PM

Updated 08/21 2012 05:42PM

DECATUR -- Tuesday, Lake Decatur reached its lowest level since last year, and it's still losing water. WCIA-3's Ashley Michels files tonight's Drought Watch.

"The lake is significantly low."

Tuesday, it measured 611' even. The lake's measuring stick doesn't even go that low. It's one of the lowest levels ever seen at the lake. It rivals the droughts of the 1950's and 80's, but there is some good news.

"It went down approximately 3/100ths from Monday to Tuesday."

It may not sound like a good thing at first, but that means it's not losing water as fast as before. Last month it was shrinking nearly an inch a day.

"Due to the temperatures that have reduced, we're not getting much evaporation, as well as the second stage of the mandatory restrictions. We have noticed a decline in the amount of usage in the lake."

City leaders are also looking at a plan to pipe other water into the lake to keep levels up, but it's only a short-term fix.

"The only thing that can really help is that we need many days of rain over our area, as well as the water shed area."

Officials say the pipe system would cost about $3 million and would help during future droughts.

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