Last Minute Tax Tips

Published 04/12 2012 08:49AM

Updated 04/12 2012 08:53AM

There are all kinds of tax tips out there, but here are a few basic ones everyone should know about. Especially for those waiting until the last minute to file.

The first is paying taxes with a credit card. Any expert will tell you this is a bad idea. In most cases, the convenience charge is 2.35%. It's cheaper to pay by check.

Secondly, avoid not paying at all. If you don't, you could face serious penalties. The IRS does offer extensions in some cases. 

Also, consider filing electronically. It's the fastest way to get your refund. But, don't wait until the deadline, it might not get processed in time.

Finally, make sure you sign and date your forms, it seems pretty obvious, but the IRS says a lot of people forget to do this.

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