Late night shooting

By Luke Ray |

Published 07/11 2016 07:40AM

Updated 07/11 2016 05:18PM

Update: 5:00 pm, 7/11/16, Monday 

DANVILLE -- Police are looking for the person who shot a man Sunday night. It happened in an alley just off the 500-block of East Main Street, about 8 pm.

The 21-year old victim was taken to the hospital and is recovering. Police released a description of the man they're looking for.

Some residents say they saw the shooting unfold. Trevor Lewis says he and his family thought they heard fireworks at dusk.

"It ended up being a kid got shot."

"It could've been a robbery. It could have been anything, but whatever went on, went on."

It happened less than a block from his house. Police say the victim and two others were on their way to a liquor store. They were walking through the alley when they ran into another man.

Police say the suspect is a black man who was wearing a red baseball cap, white t-shirt and black pants. He reveled a black revolver and started firing. The victim was hit once in the stomach.

"They said he's unresponsive."

"And he went to the liquor store and got help, sot he paramedics picked him up from there."

They found him inside on the floor. He was taken to the hospital and the search for the shooter began.

"They heard something, so they all pulled around here and the next thing I know, that the police had the area surrounded. They pulled out the rifles and they got this house on standby."

That was in the 600-block of South Street. They blocked off the area near Elizabeth. Police say they questioned one man about the crime. In the early morning hours, they left the scene without a suspect.

"Yeah, this is getting worse."

Lewis and others who have lived here most of their lives say, with every gunshot comes an uneasy feeling.

"It used to be decent in Danville, but now, it don't matter where you go now. It's going to get bad wherever you move."

"It's my town. I grew up here. I lived here my whole life. It's sad seeing it."

Police say the victim is in stable, but serious condition. Another person was grazed by a bullet, but refused medical attention.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. You can remain anonymous and may earn a cash reward. 

(217) 446 - TIPS 

Original: 7:40 am, 7/11/16, Monday

DANVILLE -- One man is hospitalized in stable but serious condition after being shot. It happened about 8:20 pm, Sunday, July 10, in the 500-block of East Main Street.

The 21-year old victim is a black man who was shot in the stomach. Two witnesses told police they were walking to the liquor store in an alley parallel to the 600-block of South Street when the victim was shot.

They ran to the store to get help. One witness was grazed by a bullet, but refused medical attention.

The shooting suspect is described as a black man. He was wearing a red ball cap, white t-shirt and black pants. The weapon is described as a black revolver. 

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