Laurel Prussing retains role as mayor

Published 04/09 2013 11:13PM

Updated 04/10 2013 09:28AM

URBANA -- It was a rematch with a similar result. Incumbent Laurel Prussing defeated republican Rex Bradfield in the race for mayor.

She nabbed 63% of the votes to his 37%. Mayor Prussing said she was feeling good after the results. In fact, she was hoping to get about 60% of the votes, and she was just about on target.

She expected that number after landing 65% in the democratic primary. Mayor Prussing had the lead from the get go. After the first round of precincts reported, her lead was at 62% and remained around there for the rest of the evening.

Even though the election is done, Mayor Prussing said it doesn't means she's done meeting with voters. She just won't be going door-to-door as much to talk with them. As for the big issues on hand, she is sticking with city financing as a top priority, especially with the new fiscal year starting up soon.

"We're putting a budget that'll be starting July first. That's the beginning of our fiscal year. And every time we do this, there are a lot of uncertainties," she said. "But when you have a recession and you're coming out of a recession, it's more uncertain than ever."

Mayor Prussing offered a reaction to the nearly 40% who voted against her. She said, "you're never going to make everyone happy, but the least you can do is have careful and open discussion on all topics."

Bradfield said he's terribly disappointed in his failure to energize the voters who believed in what he was saying. He congratulated Mayor Prussing on her victory and wished her and Urbana continued success. He said he hopes Urbana can continue on the path she feels is correct.

Bradfield was quite surprised with the low turnout. He said he was expecting at least 3,500 voters for the race, but it didn't even crack 3,000 voters.

He was also disappointed in his personal vote count since he said he personally knocked on more than 2,000 doors to hear what voters had to say. Bradfield totaled 1,090 votes. Mayor Prussing totaled 1,818.

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