Lawmakers Want You to Hang Up & Drive

Published 02/09 2012 05:46PM

Updated 02/09 2012 06:22PM

    A new law could keep you from talking on the phone while driving. The "Hands Free Law" passed in committee. It now heads to the house floor. WCIA-3's Megan Brilley is spreading the word from downtown Springfield.
    Some drivers are keeping their fingers crossed it doesn't pass. It's a problem a lot of drivers have while they're on the phone behind the wheel. That's why lawmakers are working hard to make sure it doesn't happen again.
    ''Do you use your phone when your driving?'' '
    'Occasionally, yeah.''
    He's not the only one. We talked to dozens of people who answered the same. They can't live without cellphones.
    'They're pretty much hooked on it. It's a bad situation for all of us.''
    But, this won't be happening for much longer if lawmakers have anything to do with it. '
    'I work several hours a week and my schedule varies so much. If I can't talk on my phone, I have very little contact with anyone else.''
    If the law passes, she'll have to hang up, because we won't be able to use these at all. '
    'I understand the whole texting ban, but I don't understand what the difference between talking on your cell phone is and talking to the person next to you in the car.''
    ''I think it's great. I've seen too many people in a hurry, fiddling with their radios and phones and they have accidents.''
    Statistics show using a cellphone behind the wheel is just as bad as drinking and driving; something lawmakers are trying to put an end to. '
    'I think it's great, it's a start. I think we should get rid of cell phones altogether to tell you the truth.''
    If the law does pass, you can still call a friend while driving, just use a hands-free device.

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