Library board investigates recent weeding

Published 06/18 2013 06:02PM

Updated 06/18 2013 06:23PM

URBANA -- The Urbana Free Library's board is trying to get to the bottom of a "weeding" issue. The board's president says they're learning more about what happened, but there are still some pieces missing in the investigation, so the board called for a special meeting. The public meeting takes place Wednesday at 7 pm.

Last week, library workers were weeding out books older than ten years old. The board's director admits that was a mistake. She says weeding is a standard library procedure, but some in the community say they don't like the way it was done.

People attended the city council meeting to show support for library staff. They say they want answers about why the process happened like it did. People say it's nothing personal against the executive director, they're just concerned about what's happening at the library.

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