Life lessons learned when students meet seniors

By Aubrey Morse

Published 04/23 2014 03:54PM

Updated 04/24 2014 12:08PM

Update: 10:11 pm
CHAMPAIGN COUNTY -- They say, "Listen to your elders." That was Wednesday's lesson for some kids from University Primary School. Their project was to interview seniors at Clark-Lindsey Retirement Village, in Urbana. They then had to write a story based on what they learned. WCIA-3's videographer Aubrey Morse gives us a look Through the Local Lens.

"We're calling this the Intergenerational Project. What we wanted to learn was to speak with and communicate with folks that were significantly older than us and to hear how life was different and also the same when they were growing up."

"Some of the things, you kind of realize are unknown to them. 'What?' It's really fun to remember."

"There was one woman alive during World War Two and I thought that was really cool."

"The person, she said she could buy a loaf of bread for ten cents and some candy for a penny. That was really interesting because candy costs so much more now and so does bread."

"As I look back sometimes, some of the things that I was doing, I really didn't appreciate how much they would mean to me later."

"There are two parts to it. One is being comfortable with our older generation and the second is learning how to listen and interview."

"I think it's kind of exciting to hear the stories they have."

"What I'd like for them to get out of it is their sense of 'old people' that they have stories to tell and interesting paths and it's just that, when they get old, they may look back and say, 'Wasn't that fun?'"

"I remember, ready for this? Snaring gophers!"


The students' biographies will be part of an exhibit at the Krannert Art Museum on display beginning May 22.
Original: 3:54 pm
URBANA -- Students from a Champaign school say a field trip Wednesday is one they'll never forget. Kids from University Primary School visited Clark-Lindsey. The goal was for them to have a chance to interact with seniors.

They also learned how life is different, yet the same, between both age groups. The project isn't over. Now students have to write an essay about what they learned and found the most fascinating about their new friends.

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